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Day by day the conscious of system administrators, computer users and security staff is higher and higher. They all know how precious the information and data stored in computer memory, on video tapes and on other data media is. The value of stored data quickly rise above the costs of equipment. This is why you shall think about protection before you lose information. Many instructed by experience have suffered pain connected to loss of data caused by lack of appropriate protection (in the event of theft a firewall is not enough!). Very often one failed decision can destroy all your efforts to do your job. The losses often appears irreversible, but after all you know you can avoid it...Can You afford it?!

The thermostat controlled ventilation system assures that your equipment will hold the right temperature.

Computer safes are designed to protect servers, central units, computers, and audio video. Ventilation system is controlled by thermostat to assure safe work for all equipment, which have emission heat sources. Special construction assures high anti burglary protection.

HÅBECO Deposit safes are constructed in the same manner as our series of security cabinets which are tested by the Swedish Theft Prevention Association in accordance with the Swedish standard SS 3492 and certified by the word wide company DNV.

The safes are standard equipped with a high security adjustable key-lock. Class C in accordance with ENV 1300 and class 3 in accordance with VDS. Electronic code lock and mechanical combination lock is
The suction fans are fitted at the bottom edge with an outlet on the top all controlled by a thermostat. The ventilation system ensures good circulation of air.

The Computer Safe is available in four sizes and can be fitted with adjustable shelves and or extensible shelves.

The safes are made of 4mm sheet metal.
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Name und Vorname: Magda Rogowska
Telefon: +48 058 5309400
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